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The Projects:

The Problem: The increasing intensity of damaging natural forces such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, as well as the destruction caused by human conflict has resulted in the UN being able to restore only 10% of damage or destroyed shelter; and, dealing with health issues as the largest expense.

Cause of the Problem: Earth changes?

The Solution: Collaboration amongst those in our world community of professionals with knowledge, abilities, skills, and experience (KASE); as well as basing our efforts on faith, hope, and service to the Diaspora.

Pathway to the Solution: As provided by those participating in creating a magnetic center serving as a container for the released potential energy of the integrated interaction of those participating in this project.

A Magnetic Center created by Right Attitude, Valuation, and Realization allowing for the capture of energy released by the digestion of the three types of food that nourish our physical, intellectual, and emotional functions to a degree that results in achieving a new level of existence with an etheric, mental, and an astral body, respectively.

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